My Work Beyond Hudl

We live in a “what have you done for me lately” world, so my portfolio showcases my most recent work. If you’re interested in my other experiences, here’s a rundown of notable projects I’ve completed outside of Hudl.

No Coast Bias Website

  • I created a sports and entertainment website that helped bloggers and aspiring journalists from around the world progress in their careers.
  • We averaged approximately 50,000 page views and $1,000 ad revenue a month during the height of the site’s popularity.
  • Numerous site alumni went on to secure work at ESPN,, SB Nation and other major media outlets.


Diversity In Husker Sports Coverage Blog

  • During my tenure at the SB Nation blog site Corn Nation, I analyzed the lack of diversity in Nebraska Cornhuskers sports coverage to produce this story.
  • Due to the positive response to the story. I was able to establish impactful relationships related to championing diversity.
  • This includes becoming a member of N-Vest, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s program dedicated to providing minority, women and international student-athletes career development and life skills resources.


Godfather’s Pizza Video Spots

  • As the company’s only dedicated writer, I was responsible for creating stories that promoted our food specials and marketing campaigns.
  • Two examples include scripting the company’s Fantasy Football Smack Talk social media campaign videos and co-directing their Tailgate Party Pack commercial.

DJ Residencies

  • I was the resident DJ for three venues in the Denver Metro, including two establishments in the popular LoDo neighborhood.
  • Blake Street Tavern, where I hosted a weekly “Friday Night Dance Party,” is often recognized as Denver’s best sports bar.


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