No Time for Half-Steppin’: Flip the Script with the ‘Unschedule’ & Daily Highlights

3 March 2019 // AUTHOR: // CATEGORY: Personal Development // No Comments

Go through your calendar and block off times for your fixed commitments, self-care activities, and play.

Spoiler alert: You don’t have enough time for everything you want to accomplish. But you already knew that.

According to Neil Fiore’s The Now Habit, guilt-free play is essential to doing high-quality work and overcoming procrastination. Yet, we all go through our lives without actually living.

That’s where Fiore’s scheduling method dubbed the “Unschedule” comes in. All you need to do is exactly what I told you to do in the first sentence of this blog and come to terms with knowing you were being unrealistic with your goals. Now instead of only being able to sneak in leisure time between the cracks of work obligation, you’ve flipped the script. Not only do you make time to enjoy life, but you have a clear understanding of how much time you actually have to accomplish your big picture goals.

And those “big picture” goals? Identify what those are each week and start each day by choosing a focal point or “highlight” related to one of those goals. According to Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky’s Make Time, doing this each day doesn’t guarantee you’ll crush all your goals faster, but it will help you create more time to do so.

Think about it this way: If someone asks you what the highlight of your day was, how easy could you answer that question with the current way you go about things? In making sure each day has a highlight, you make it clear what you need to plan around, look forward to, and appreciate when the day is done.

Make Time also provides tips to help you go into “Laser Mode”–– a state in which you maximize your ability to dominate your highlights by minimizing distractions. In the spirit of keeping this blog the mother of all tl;drs––seriously, read these two books because I’ve only scratched the surface of the surface with what I’ve shared with you today––I won’t detail all of those tips, but I will share with you a playlist I created that’s done wonders for my personal Laser Mode.

Now go out there and get shit done!

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